Eyemazing Editions Annual Pictorial

Eyemazing Editions Annual Pictorial

NEW! Annual Pictorial, 2014
By Eyemazing Susan

I am happy and proud to present to you my new Annual Pictorial book, featuring works by 42 International artists.
©Cover picture by: Irina Ruppert
Eyemazing Susan
Annual Pictorial 2014
Publisher: EYEMAZING Editions
ISBN 978-90-822754-0-7
23.50 x 17.50 cm
PLC, 304pp
233 Illustrations
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Eyemazing Susan Consultancy

Eyemazing Susan Consultancy

Having had an extensive career of 13 years as a publisher, curator and photography director, Eyemazing Susan offers Photography Consultation to artists, galleries, collectors and businesses by providing the following services: Photographic Editing, Curator of Exhibitions, Individual portfolio reviewing, Advising Contest entries, and Personal art projects development. Working with professional photographers engaged in commercial and artistic work to make their work stand out and help them define their unique aesthetic style by selecting their strongest artworks for an effective presentation.

For further information please contact: info@eyemazingsusan.me
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The New Collectible Art Photography

The New Collectible Art Photography

By Eyemazing Susan

Sensual and beautiful yet often shocking, dark and surreal, the photographs in this important new publication are startling and always memorable. In essence, they set out the breathtaking possibilities of contemporary art photography. Featuring work by 131 artists, with outstanding reproductions on an ambitious scale and supporting essays and biographical profiles of the featured artists, Eyemazing is an unprecedented opportunity to have the very best of the new collectible art photography in a single, novel volume. ©Cover image by Ossip
Thames & Hudson Ltd.
ISBN 9780500516850
33.50 x 24.50 cm,, PLC, 544pp
423 Illustrations
Seigensha Art Publishing Inc.
ISBN 978-4-86152-397-7 C0072
33.50 x 24.50 cm,, PLC, 544pp
423 Illustrations
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Proposals and Submissions

Proposals and Submissions

EYEMAZING Editions welcomes photography submissions from emerging and established visual artists to produce photobooks.

Eyemazing Susan is only looking for EYEMAZING quality work.

To send your digital submissions: info@eyemazingsusan.me
PLEASE NOTE, digital submissions are only accepted as pdf file of maximum 10 MB

To send your materials by post:
P.O.Box 59092
1040KB Amsterdam
The Netherlands
PLEASE NOTE, your postal submissions will NOT be returned.

Because of the number of submissions that EYEMAZING Susan receives each day you will ONLY get individually a respond to your email or postal submissions if your work appears to have an EYEMAZING quality.
PLEASE NOTE that EYEMAZING Editions can only publish book projects that comes with sufficient funding.

The Book of Screams

The Book of Screams

A stunning handcrafted box by the artist Joseph Mills with 37 unique photomontages with works from 2013 on antique paper, printed as gravure style prints, all loose bound in a book placed in a purple and black clam shell box, with veneer print on cover and back.

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EYEMAZING Book Selected Reviews

EYEMAZING Book Selected Reviews

A phenomenal range of works … magnificently curated and is consequently read, or experienced, like a sequence of visions: lucid and
– Aesthetica

Retina-searing visual confrontation meets a 19th-century Pictorialist approach to craft.
– The World of Interiors

A breathtaking overview of the most collectible and daringly original
contemporary art photography.
– World Photo

It offers a feast of poetic, evocative, complex, shocking and fascinating images.
– Art Quarterly

To our good fortune, the sensual and surreal themes that drive this bold, award-winning publication have recently been distilled into a hefty large-format collection.
— Rangefinder

A must-have for anyone interested in photography.
— Lurzer’s International Archive

A staggering volume of imagery. . . . Dreams, memory, mystery, and other intangibles are the common traits that unite the magic found in the pages of Eyemazing.
— Feature Shoot

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