Andrew Polushkin

Title #6 from series Reconstruction of Memory
Year 2007-2009
Print Bromoil

Paper size 40 x 50 cm
Price On request

Edition of 4+2AP
Print provenance Artist

Markings Signed and numbered by the artist on the verso

Extra print info Bromoil Hand Print on Ilford fiber paper, litho ink, oil, matt varnish

Artist Biography

Andrew Polushkin was born in Leningrad, USSR, in 1972.
Artworks in collections:
The State Russian Museum, St.-Petersburg, Russia
Moscow House of Photography, Moscow, Russia
The Museum of the History of Photography (MHP), St.-Petersburg, Russia
The Museum of the History of Saint Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, Russia
The Museum Tsarskoselskaya Collection, Pushkin, St.-Petrsburg, Russia
The First St.Petersburg Museum of Private Collections, St.-Petersburg, Russia
and in some private collections in the Russia, USA, France and Finland

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Artist published in EYEMAZING

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